Basil – was Old Dog of the Week, now New Dog at the Park!

We are delighted to have heard from Basil‘s lovely new owner who found him via our Old Dog of the Week feature. Basil was in the care of Cotswold Canine Rescue.

Little Basil had been on our website for almost a year, but he needed a specific type of home and, unfortunately, that was proving difficult to find. But the extra attention Basil gained as Old Dog of the Week did the trick and he’s now happily ensconced in his new home.

This is what his new owner has told us about him:

He has been with us 9 days now and is a complete angel! I was lead to beleve he had quite bad issues which is why he had been there soo long, but he is brilliant!

We have cured his travelling fear; he actually loves sitting on the front seat in his little bed lording it up as I drive along! He seems good on and off lead with other dogs unless they are over friendly, but if he snaps you can easily stop him.

He is really friendly to everyone he has met including children – he just walks away when he has had enough, which is brilliant.

He enjoys walks with his doggie friends up the park, his grand new bed, and most of all he loves being the centre of attention, bless him.

Basil has to be the best badly-behaved dog I have ever taken on and I am amazed he was there for soo long. We love him, so thank you to Cotswold Canine Rescue and Oldies Club for helping us find him!

Doesn’t that put a smile on your face! I’m almost as happy as Basil :)


7/8/10 An update on how well Baz is doing:

Since we have had Basil he has come along leaps and bounds! We have had him 3 months now and he is brilliant, as long as you handle him firmly he isn’t a problem at all. We have competed in many local shows and he has 8 rosettes in total including a couple of 1st’s!

We have found he is a natural at agility so we do this twice a week and have his first proper competition in August, he loves it and it keeps me fit as he is soo quick!

He is also now at the point with other dogs that I a do sit them in his house and walk them together so I couldn’t ask for more from the little man really! He fits in perfectly and I am not sure what we would do without him now so we are really pleased with his progress.

I just thought you would like to know how he is doing if you haven’t already read Baz’s blog on the CCR website.

Hasn’t little Baz landed on his paws! What a star he is :)