Beautiful Bella is having a ball (Oldies Club)

  Snow dogs – Bella and new brother Griffy

Beautiful Bella, the 14 year old Wheaten terrier got her New Year started in style by going off to her wonderful new home.  She’s settled in so well and has a new lease of life.  We’ve just had these lovely pictures and update from her new family.

“Bella came into our life just after Xmas 2009 and settled immediately, she, along with our other dog Griffy now rule the roost and have our undivided attention. Both sleep in the bedroom, one on each side of the bed and she has acquired one of Griffy`s beds whilst he has taken her new bed as his own.

We are amazed at just how much energy she has, she loves her walks, exploring all the new smells that Epping Forest has to offer. The January snow opened a whole new world to her and she loved running around in the stuff even though it must have been cold. Recently we took her to Camber Sands as Griffy loves the soft sand and Bella loved it too, both running up and down the sand dunes.

 Snowballs on my feet – not too sure if I like that

Adopting an older dog is amazing and we cannot thank the Oldies Club enough.  Bella’s Foster mum has been superb in helping us to get Bella adapted to her new home and she is is even taking Bella back for 10 days whilst we are on holiday. We are not sure who is looking forward to seeing the other more lol”

  It’s sooo good to have a roll after a busy day!

It sounds as though Bella is having a fantastic time.  We wish them many more happy times together and we’re looking forward to more pictures and updates.