Big Hearted Butch is blooming (Oldies Club)


Beautiful Butch came into the care of the Oldies Club when his owner had to move into sheltered accommodation and was unable to take Butch with him.  Butch was a much loved dog and his owner was devastated at the idea of him going into kennels.  Fortunately, he contacted the Oldies Club and Butch was soon installed in a loving foster home.  As soon as his details appeared on the Oldies Club website, the phone started to ring and hardly stopped.  Butch was one of the most popular dogs we have had in our care which meant that we were able to choose the perfect home for him.

We were really pleased to hear from his new owners.  They’ve given us this update on Butch and how he has settled in so well.

Thought it was time for a few lines to update you on Butch’s progress since he moved in last month. He’s doing just great – he wakes after we get up and though never in  a panic to get out in the morning, is happy to pop out for a pee and a sniff around.    Our vet has put him on a couple of Glucosamin a day for the moment, and he does seem a bit stiff and arthritic round the back & hips when its a day that’s both cold and damp. So he’s always excited when I get his pills out before breakfast – I guess that’s because I wrap each bit of broken tablet in some boiled chicken breast, which he loves. And he’s very fond of cod too!       And doesn’t he LOVE being groomed – the tail thrashes when I bring out the brush, and he’s equally happy to be towelled down after getting caught in the rain – and even lets me rub down his muddy paws.   

We’ve now finally heard his bark – twice in fact. The first in the park,when an over-familiar bouncy young over-sized black lab tried to climb on his shoulders – but no baring of teeth or lunging or hackles up – just a loud, harsh one-off bark, then the boisterous pup retreated in shock and Butch remained approachable.    What a gent!    The next day the Fed Ex guy arrived with the new mail-order dog’s bed.  I started to half-close the door behind me to sign the docket, in case the dog wandered out past me inadvertently, and I think Butch read that as a sign of shielding from a threat, and let out a couple of very loud assertive, guttural barks, trotting briskly up to the door to inspect the situation. But again, re-assured  and introduced, he was the master of civility. 

Now that he has his own bed in the kitchen, and another one by the radiator in our bedroom, you’d think he’d be satisfied. But he still likes to join us on the couch in front of the fire in the evening, and has been caught napping on our bed a couple of times during the day when he thinks we’re not looking.  


Our long  morning hikes across the Richmond Commons and Deer Park have been just glorious. He enjoys a couple of hour’s rambling off-lead, and hasn’t been tempted by ducks, deer or even squirrels.    Progress can be very slow when
he’s snuffling a good smell – but he instinctively knows when we’re on our way back towards the car, and his pace quickens, distractions are ignored, and he walk briskly a pace ahead, as if steering us home.  He’s quite remarkable.


He’s already a firm friend and part of the family and we’re so delighted to have him in our life. So thank you so much for introducing us to him, and for seeking  out homes for Butch and dogs like him.  It is truly heroic work you do.”

It sounds as though we chose well – Butch has the perfect forever home and has clearly settled himself in.  Have a long and happy life together, Butch and family, and do let us have updates from time to time.