Brindle Beau sings happy songs (Oldies Club)

Beau came into Oldies Club care in July this year, and very quickly found his new forever home, where he is now living a life of luxury with five comfy beds to choose between!

We’ve had an update from his new family, who obviously love him to bits, and who even tolerate his aspirations of becoming a singer:

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Beau, he’s a super old gent, just as we expected him to be. He coped very well with the long drive down south after we picked him up, and then just slotted into place once in the house! He’s a very adaptable gent who’s unfazed by most things, even our Rottie and our lurcher cross, and his appetite is always good. Beau is always polite at mealtimes and never tries to take from the other dog bowls and waits patiently for his turn at the water bowl afterwards. He spent the first 24 hours trying out each of the 5 dog beds we have, whilst deciding which one he preferred to doze on at a particular time of day – conservatory in the sun in the morning, lounge in the sun in the afternoon, and the biggest most comfortable bed in the evening.

Beau is very ‘on the ball’ and is proving to have more brains to problem solve than both the other dogs put together – he’s figured out how to open the folding door to our kitchen, a trick that neither of the other 2 had even thought about! He’s also picked up that Dentastix are at 9pm sharp, and there are treats to be had after the last walk before bedtime and is always up and awake at any hint of food. He’s up and ready for his walks at any time and keeps up with the youngsters extremely well, he was safe to be off the lead within 4 days! As for the singing – it’s just a ploy for attention, full volume is ear piercing (it’s alright for Beau, he can’t hear himself!), but low levels are cute.

Our 2 dogs (Ruby the Rottie & Willis the lurcher cross) have now accepted him into the pack. Ruby was quick to adjust to the extra member of the family, but Willis was a bit jealous for a few days and refused to sleep on any bed that Beau had slept on – that ruled them all out! After 7 days & nights of sleeping on the floor, realising that his behaviour was getting him nowhere, he gave in and has gone back to the beds. Since then Willis is playing an active role in watching out for Beau on walks and goes to fetch him if he lags too far behind to sniff. I think that confirms his acceptance of the new pack member!

We’re thrilled to hear how well this lovely old gent is doing, and although his singing may be a little loud for human ears, we are glad to know that they are happy songs!