Dillon is everyone’s darling (Oldies Club)

Handsome Doberman/Pointer cross Dillon went to live with his lovely new family in April.  They’ve now sent us an update on his progress and it seems as though he’s having the time of his life.  

“I thought it would be nice to give you an update on Dillon for your website since we adopted him in April. 

Dillon has well and truly settled in and what a lovely boy he is. Dillon is so popular outside the school gate that he regularly draws a small crowd of adoring fans while he’s waiting for the kids to be dropped off each morning. He’s also obedient to a fault, adores playing Frisbee and is absolutely mad for sticks, the bigger the better. Luckily there’s no shortage of these on his daily walks and he can also be found taking regular dips in the river, fishing around for, you guessed it – more sticks.

Dillon settled in very well and quickly established an ‘entente cordiale’ with the chickens, who were only briefly put off their stride by his arrival. Dillon also loves visits to the allotment, not least because it can mean the chance to snaffle a few nice tender vegetables. Broad beans have been a recent favourite and he definitely has his eye on the runner beans.
He is always well behaved and is an incredibly patient good natured dog, he never hassles to go out for a walk, but just drops gentle and consistent hints.  He’s also very fit for his nine years and always game for a walk even early in the mornings.

He’s also great with the kids and enjoys the cuddles and attention, although being away from his ‘pack’ is difficult for Dillon, which luckily for him doesn’t happen that often and we’re working on short breaks. We also struck a compromise on sleeping arrangements and now Dillon is allowed to sleep on his bed on the landing at night, which is the only time he’s allowed upstairs. Basically Dillon loves being with people, he takes a passing interest in other dogs but his real love is people!

Does Dillon have any bad habits? Hardly any.  He has a bit of a thing about cats and recently had a bit of a face-off with a cat on its territory, which was a bit embarrassing for him as it stood its ground rather than running scared as it was supposed to do. He also snores quite loudly which is quite endearing really.    It’s always lovely having Dillon around, when the kids are driving me mad I know I can always roll my eyes at Dillon, who of course completely

Sounds as though Dillon has really landed on his feet and is completely happy with his new life.  We’re looking forward to more updates later on – and new photos.