Dynamic Dotty is having a ball (Oldies Club)


Dotty came into Oldies Club care with her sister Bella but after a while in a foster home it was felt that they would thrive better apart so that they could develop their own personalities.   Dotty soon found a wonderful forever home and from the update we’ve just received, it seems as though Dotty agreed with us.   Her new owner writes:

“She still loves being tickled, stroked, and playing ball and is very good at the local park off the lead with other dogs and bringing the ball back.   She would keep eating loads if we let her so have to watch her with food!    We brought her a special bowl for eating more slowly which is working, as she gulped it down before in seconds! She is great when left alone or people come around the house. So we are just working on her not getting too excited at walk time by barking and pulling on the lead and barking in the car.   I mention the oldies club to all dogwalkers I see out who I tell about Dotty and they can’t believe her energy for her age!


She loves the snow and would stay out there much longer than the kids and me! She even lays down in it and never minds the rain or mud!!    Her favourite toy is still a tennis ball which she loves fetching and bringing back, although she does like squeaky toys too and a chewy bone to chew on.     We have just started to let her sit on the settee with us.   She loves cuddles so much it’s nice to have her half on your lap to stroke and the kids love it too, as she has the softest floppy ears to stroke!   


  She didn’t want a basket to sleep in but stays close to wherever people are, such as under my computer desk when I am working, by our feet by the settee or upstairs on the landing when we are all in bed. Despite loving being around people and following us around the house she is fine left alone, as long as I shut all the doors to the kitchen and rooms with bins in!! ”

What a lovely update – it sounds as though Dotty is having a wonderful time in her new home.  We’re looking forward to hearing more about her from time to time.