Dynamic Dylan: frisbee champ and biscuit tin raider! (Oldies Club)

Dynamic Dylan bounced off to his new home a couple of months ago and appears to be keeping his new family on the go.  We’ve just had this lovely update from them.

“I thought you would like to know how well “dynamic Dylan” has settled in. He bounced into our lives about 2 months ago, and seemed to be part of the family from the word go.    Our “old oldie” Goldie, has taken on a new lease of life- though she has trouble keeping up with him !  He has lived up to his nickname-we are all slimmer and fitter now  and he’s shaping up to be frisbee champion of Sussex, we think.

 Dylan and his new sister

We have has one or two tricky moments- biscuits raids in the night, and opening doors when we are out and creeping onto the sofa, but we have learned to keep the lid firmly on the treats tin, and a doggie blanket on the sofa.  He’s a wonderful, intelligent and affectionate chap- I would love his previous owner and his foster family to know how well he is doing.
Please can you put this message on the Oldies forum as well and thanks again to you all for helping us find our ideal dog.”

It sounds as though Dylan has definitely found his ideal home as well and is really happy.