Everyone loves Imogen (Oldies Club)

Sweet Imogen came to the Oldies Club from the dog pound.    She was due to be put to put to sleep after her statutory 7 days were up.  Fortunately, due to the kindness of an Oldies Club associate, she was saved and now she’s having a wonderful new life.    We’ve just had news of her and these lovely new pictures from her adoring new family.  This is what they have to say about how she’s settled in. 

“Imogen came to live with us  just three weeks ago but it feels like she has been part of our lives forever.  We already had one rescue Staffie, Frankie and they get on so well together although you couldn’t get two more different dogs.    Frankie is less than three years old, full of energy and full on Staffy enthusiasm while Imogen is at least ten years old, a bit deaf, a bit blind, and a bit stiff.

 But it works so well!    While Frankie draws in a crowd of admirers on our walks with his handsomeness and enthusiasm Imogen can tiptoe forward for her share of strokes. And it is Imogen who almost every passerby smiles at. And it is really good to have a dog that doesn’t leap onto every surface, or hear every tiny rustle of paper.    She has fitted into our life so, so easily.     The three of us spent the Easter weekend with friends in their Devon cottage.    She loved our friends – and they loved her –   their sofa, the cottage garden and the beach.     This weekend is Frankie’s birthday/rescue anniversary. He’s been with me a year.     The three of us plus two nieces staying for the weekend had a celebratory picnic in Battersea Park.     Imogen enjoyed the walk there and back, the foody treats, and chasing a ball.      And it was the  twelve and fourteen year old nieces who were exhausted when we got home and had to go to bed early. Imogen felt sorry for them so went with them, to cuddle up in bed with them.  of course!!      They love her.

Imogen has settled into her new life really well.  She enjoys meeting other dogs and adores new people.     In fact, she is becoming more and more enthusiastic about all her new experiences.    My last Staffy girl (another rescue of course, who came to me aged seven) died at the age of eighteen and was in great health and fitness right up to the end.     My theory is that rescues live longer to enjoy their new life.     Here’s to another lifetime for Imogen and Frankie”

What a lovely theory – we’ll drink to that!!    Here’s to a long and happy life together, ~Imogen, Frankie and mum.