Flash the digestive-loving whippet enjoys lots of walks and a snooze on the sofa

Update January 2010 – Flash has sent us some new photos of himself!

Flash came into Oldies Club care after his owner died. He was a popular little lad, all the transporters fell in love with him, and he soon went home with a couple of doggie friends. Flash is a sensitive little soul who is easily put off his food, so we were pleased to hear that he has put on weight in his new home and is building up his running muscles.

Flash whippet has settled in nicely with the other dogs in his home, and is showing himself to be quite a little personality. He loves digestive biscuits and will shout if anyone has one and he doesn’t get his share. He’s also very good about settling quietly for a snooze on the sofa when his owner goes out.

Flash is good about coming when called and is now able to enjoy going offlead on Dartmoor where he lives. He keeps an eye to see where we are and comes back when called, though sometimes takes a while if there’s a good sniff or an exciting patch of sheep poo. The photo above is the only one we’ve been able to get of him running though – he goes very fast so it’s hard to catch him with the camera.

Flash is good at soulful looks and has a great talent for pulling a tragic face for the camera: don’t take his photos to heart though, his real personality is much more mischievous and rather bossy!

He does walk beautifully to heel – well, apart from on those occasions when he finds something horrible and decides to have a roll in it. You’d never think he’d do that to look at him…