Gentle Joe Greyhound is just gorgeous (Oldies Club)

Joe is a very distinguished retired racing greyhound who came into Oldies Club care in November.  His fosterer thought he was the bees knees and it wasn’t long before someone spotted him on the Oldies Club website and fell for him.   Joe went off to his fabulous new home just over a week ago and it seems as though he’s having a wonderful time.   Here he is modelling one of his new outfits.

His new owners say:

“On the day we bought Joe home he walked in the house, spotted his bed and laid down and he’s been there ever since!     Within just a week he has enriched our lives so much and he has made us very happy. His temperament is fantastic and everybody he has met so far has fallen for him.

Joe has quickly settled into a routine and gets very excited when he sees his lead come out.  On the odd occasion he has had a small gallop but seems to prefer a nice gentle stroll.  His appetite is great and he always enjoys his dinners (and occasional treat!)  He has also settled brilliantly with our cats and has made firm friends with the dog next door.  He is also very handsome and has big beautiful eyes:-)

Since being with us he has been thoroughly spoilt and has a variety of beds, feeding stations and more coats than I have!  (He is pictured in one of his many outfits, his pyjamas.) 

Adopting Joe is one of the best things we could have done and we are very grateful to his foster parents for helping us with him when we collected him, they are clearly very dedicated.   Also to the Oldies Club, everybody we’ve spoken to
has been great and I think they all do a marvellous job and enable new oldies owners to enjoy fantastic dogs.”

It was lovely to hear from Joe’s new family and to know how happy and loved he is going to be for the rest of his life.  We’re looking forward to regular updates.