Kizzi Cocker loves her new family (Oldies Club)

Kizzi Cocker didn’t have to wait long for her new forever home. This well-behaved and gentle old girl was adopted after only a few weeks in foster care, and she adores her new big family, including the cat, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamster! We’ve had an update from her lovely new owners:

Kizzi has been with us for just over a month now and she has settled in really well. She gets on brilliantly with our other two dogs Freddy and Megan, and has made friends with the cat, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamster. She has such a lovely temperament and is very active and lively for her age. We are so grateful to have her as part of our family. She has brought us so much happiness already! She may be deaf, but she is easy to communicate with and always remembers to check where we are when out on a walk. She also has a lovely singing voice which she uses to let you know when it is her dinner time. She loves a cuddle and doesn’t think twice about pushing her way in to make sure she gets one!

Way to go, Kizzi! We’re so pleased to hear how well you’ve been doing, and are very glad to know that you’re still keeping an eye on what’s happening here on the Oldies Club website.