“Look at me” Lucy just loving her perfect home!

Lucy is one of those lovely dogs … a simply perfect Collie cross … who came into Oldies Club care because her owner was moving to new accommodation where pets weren’t allowed. We were inundated with enquiries for Lucy and she found her perfect home with 2 other Oldies Club doggie friends to help her settle and play with.

Lucy bounced off to her new home a few weeks ago and it seems as though she’s been there forever. We’ve just had this lovely update from them.

The lovely Lucy has been with me for five weeks and I now cannot remember life without her. She is a very sweet, adaptable dog who has just fitted in with the other two golden Oldies, Kelsey and Roxy. Lucy is showing me some of her tricks and loves to carry her lead and fetch the post. I must admit the electric bill got a little chewed but I thought that was quite discerning as I didn’t want it anyway!!

Roxy may be 13 years old but can give Lucy a good game of tug-of-war, in fact they walked all the way home sharing the rope as neither would give in. So life is fun and it’s a joy having Lucy with us. She even waits every morning with the other two to be groomed which I understood was a no-no. Kelsey and Roxy love being brushed and, after two days, I think Lucy thought she was really missing out on some game so she sits and awaits her turn…just perfect.

I am hoping in the Autumn, when Lucy has been with me three months, I can register her as a “Pat Dog”, then I will work her on the wards of the local hospital. My thanks go to her previous owners for all the hard work they have put in teaching her to be such a lovely obedient dog lets hope I can share these qualities with others in the future.

Thanks also to all in the Oldies Club for the wonderful work they are doing and letting me have these three gorgeous girls… it’s heaven.

It sounds like perfect Lucy has found her perfect home too – what a perfect ending!