Playful Pip is home and dry (Oldies Club)


March 2010 We are so sad to hear that Pip has passed away after only a short time with her new owners. Sleep tight, Pip.


Playful Pip was in an Oldies Club foster home for quite a while but she knew that the perfect home would come along.  Just before Christmas, she was proved right and off she went to live with her  forever family and new sister Majic.  As you can see they’re already the best of friends.  This is what her new family have to say about her first few weeks with them.

Pip is an absolute joy she has settled in so quickly you would have thought she has always been here. She is a real character and loves nothing more than off lead walks with her sister, where she turns into a mad 8 week old puppy, then back home for a huge snooze with Majic. Cuddles and kisses are also top of her agenda which my boys get loads of when Pip and Majic go to wake them up for school in a morning.    She meets and greets every human and dog with a good old wag of the tail.   All in all we couldn’t have asked for more, she is an absolute gem – loads of thanks must go to her foster carers, they must have found it a huge wrench to part with her after being with them for so long”

We’re so pleased that Pip is settled and happy and wish them all a very happy life together.