Staffy girl Doris has a new job!

Staffy girl Doris was rehomed via Animal Helpline at the end of August 2010, and her new owners spotted her on the Oldies Club website. They tell us that she has gone from strength to strength:

Doris is only now really accepting her new way of life in a home with three other staffies where there are no restrictions to where they can go in the house. We believe that she was used to only being in the garden or kitchen, as it has been hard getting her to integrate into other parts of the house. But we are getting there, and she is a star and a much loved addition to the family. She now goes on a full walk with the others, but at a slower pace – unless a ball is thrown, then she is a whirling dervish!

It’s great to hear that Doris has made herself at home with her new family and her Staffy brother and sisters Oscar, Daisy and Honey. As you can see in the pictures, she is now helping her new family to promote the Staffy breed and to rehome abandoned Staffies, in particular the older ones. Doris has a happy story to tell, but says that we shouldn’t forget about all the other poor Staffies who are in rescue through no fault of their own.

Her owners say that adopting an Oldie is just as rewarding as adopting a younger dog, and in fact, in many ways better: You know what you are getting, albeit for a shorter time, but then, what is the saying – ‘the brightest stars are the shortest’.

We hope that this gorgeous girl will be happy in her new home for a long time, and together with her family help many other staffies find their forever home!