Tango Twinkletoes is going travelling (Oldies Club)

 came into Oldies Club care when her owner had to move into accommodation where Tango wasn’t allowed.  She proved herself to be an absolutely fantastic dog and quickly found a perfect new home with a new sister for company. We’ve just heard from her new family and it sounds as they are all really happy together. This is what they have to say:

“We adopted Tango at the beginning of March.  What a fantastic dog we have got in Tango, she settled in from the moment she came through the door. When we picked her up from her foster family Tango and our border terrier Holly sat next to each other in the car and both did a good job of ignoring each other!  Had a bit of a mad time when they both decided they wanted the same toy and lots of growling, but after confiscating them until the dogs got know each other things worked out very well.  We still have the odd bit of jealousy from both dogs, but it all seems to be working out now.  

We spend most weekends at the coast and that is what Tango loves.  She runs around like a puppy chasing the waves and running around until she just flops down exhausted!  Started treatment for her to get her pet passport, so if all goes well Tango will be driving with us and Holly to Spain later in the year.  Thanks again for picking us to have Tango.”

It sounds as though Twinkeltoes Tango will soon be a travelling Tango.  We’re looking forward to hearing about her adventures.