Thelly and Loulou – two dogs, one happy home! (Oldies Club)

Thelma and Louise are best friends, and they came into Oldies Club care together when their owner was in a desperate situation and needed to rehome them urgently. Back in August these lucky girls found their new forever home, and we’ve had an update and these lovely pictures from their new family. Read here how they’ve been getting on:

Loulou is crazy mad for her ball on a rope, never getting tired. This has been useful as we’d been told she could be fearful of some dogs and the ball keeps her focussed so that she totally ignores them – and even horses. And the constant exercise has helped her lose some weight. She can be quite easily spooked (the noise of the wind down the chimney for example) and has a bark like a demented bagpipe, but she’s growing in confidence as she realises that here is her forever home!

Thelly is adored by everyone. We’d expected quite a slow dog at 16 but she can motor! On walks, her most endearing habit is to have a squirm then bound towards us with a big smile on her face. Pure joy of life! And she made the beach look like her second home when we visited, digging a nice, cool hole, plonking herself in it and watching the world go by.

Our Yorkie, Pep, and Jaz the cat have accepted them both really well. Jaz can’t understand why they don’t chase her, and sometimes we think she secretly wishes they would, just for the drama of it all!

These two adorable girls have clearly found their dream home! We hope to receive many more happy updates from Thelma, Louise, and their lovely new family.