A letter from Jasper (Oldies Club)

We’ve received a letter from gorgeous Jasper, who came into Oldies Club care five years ago. This old gent seems to be doing fantastically well, as you can read here:

Dear Oldies Club,

My name is Jasper and I am 17 (allegedly) and I was wondering if your readers and supporters would like to know how I am getting on.

Oldies Club rescued me 5 years ago and I went to stay with Nicki in Wales. Before that I was mostly kept outside in a barn without a proper roof so when it snowed I got wet and cold. Nicki got me looking and feeling a lot better as my fur was very matted and I was very skinny. Then my new mum and dad came to visit me and they thought I was gorgeous and took me to my new home.

They say I was 17 this November but as I do not have a birth certificate, I absolutely refute this and think perhaps I am 12 – at the most!

I have a young sister now and I love rounding her up in the garden. When we go for walks she is allowed to chase the ball but my dad stops me running too much, so I was wondering Oldies Club, could you contact my dad and tell him that I am allowed to run?

My favourite things are cuddles, tummy love, hiding my toys in my dens in the garden and treats, oh and I do like a nice long nap.

In July we were out walking and I walked into a ditch that we thought was shallow but was quite deep and was totally paralysed, I couldn’t even lift my head. I was referred to a hospital a long way away because I had a lesion on my spine. The vet wasn’t sure that the treatment would work but I stayed in hospital and had lots of physio and I had to be turned every couple of hours so I didn’t get sore. I got stronger and stronger every day until one day I was allowed to go home. I recovered much quicker than they thought possible and the vet called me a miracle! Being home wasn’t much fun at first as I could only stand for a few minutes at a time so I couldn’t potter about like I used to. I wasn’t allowed in the garden on my own or upstairs, but worse still they took me to hydrotherapy!! I hated it. I have fully recovered and now you wouldn’t guess that I was ever poorly.

Thank you Oldies Club for rescuing me and finding me a family who are potty about me!

Love from

Fantastic to hear from you, Jasper – we’re very relieved you’re doing so well again after your nasty fall. You must understand your dad, he’s probably just really worried about you when you run so fast! Take good care of yourself, and give our love to your fantastic mum and dad!