A lovely update on Kya (Oldies Club)

We’ve had an update from Kya‘s new owners – the bouncy Lurcher with something sheepdogish in her!

Kya has been with us for just a few weeks now, but it seems like she has been here forever. She is such a lovely girl. She is loving, soft, gentle yet bouncy with lots of boing and a delight to have around.

She may be 14, but no-one would guess. She walks the paws off her adopted brother Merlin the Golden Retriever, who at 10 should be fitter than she is.

She loves to play – but when she feels like it. She reminds us when it’s walk time – she adjusted to our routine without a grumble and almost immediately, including the 04.30 start when I get up and walk her with Merlin. She follows us around and is happy to lie in the garden, have a run, play with the ball (or preferably a windfall apple) or just watch what we are doing. She is quite a character too and I’m pretty convinced there is Old English Sheepdog comedian in her mix as she often clowns around the way my previous OES’s have.

She moved into our home and into our hearts and that’s where she will stay.

Many, many thanks to all at Oldies Club who do such a fine job without any financial reward. Special thanks to Victoria who looked after her until she found her forever home with us and for being such a strong character when Kya jumped into our car to come home with us showing no gratitude whatsoever!!

Aww, what a lovely update. We really enjoyed the photos, and it’s great to hear that Kya has settled in so easily!