A very happy ending for Daisy and Dolly (RSPCA, West Norfolk)

Daisy and Dolly came into the safe care of the RSPCA in West Norfolk via an inspector, and not a moment too soon, having been living in horrendous, squalid conditions, poor girls. Happily, it took only a couple of weeks for them to be spotted on the Oldies Club website and be offered a perfect, forever home.

We have received an update and, as you can read here, they are two very happy ladies once again. What a wonderful ending to their story.

Daisy was an old girl and her daughter Dolly was around 10 and we were desperate to get them out of kennels. We did not want them to end their days with us; what a tragedy that would have been for them. As much as everyone loved them, kennels are no place for any dog, let alone two mature ladies like these. They are such an adorable pair and still had very much to give and receive.

Very soon after they went on the Oldies Club website, a lovely lady spotted them and got in touch. To cut a long story short, Daisy and Dolly were very soon off to live with their family in Surrey.

Daisy and Dolly soon settled in and despite our fearing that Daisy could possibly have only a short while to live, now nearly 4 months later (November 2011), they are both still going strong and having a wonderful life with their family and are very, very much loved by them all. They continue to enjoy their daily walks and we received the funny photograph above, with Daisy looking very surprised to see her Mum fall down a rabbit hole just as she went click with the camera!

Such a lovely, happy ending for two special girls. Thanks to their new family is nowhere near enough for the fantastic time these two old ladies are having now. xx

(Huge thanks also go to the Oldies Club who are always a great help to us with our older dogs, and the RSPCA at South Godstone for doing the homecheck so quickly.)

What a lovely update. We are all so pleased Daisy and Dolly have the wonderful life they deserve and feel very privileged to have been able to help.