An update on Bella (RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield)

Bella is a nine year old Collie cross who found a new home through the RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield almost two months ago. She’s a very happy girl now, as you can read here:

Just to let you know how Bella, aged 9yrs is doing. I adopted her from the RSPCA (Leeds and Wakefield) branch and she was featured in the Oldies Club. Bella had spent many years left outdoors in all weathers and was now looking for a retirement home.

Having taken early retirement myself I have been enjoying walking with my other rescue dog, Poppy, visiting local beauty spots etc with her. I thought it would be nice to offer another dog a home. I read that Bella was still fit and healthy, liked other dogs and enjoyed her walks.

Having met Bella and introducing her to Poppy, I decided to offer her a home. She had some issues around food when she first arrived (probably due to her background) but she is making very good progress with this.

The grandchildren love to visit the dogs as they get a wonderful warm welcome (without the problem of dogs jumping up at them) then they can play with their toys whilst the dogs have a snooze.

Bella and Poppy are firm friends now, they love all their walks together, then back home to a big, comfy bed each.

The picture is of Bella (collie x) and Poppy (golden retriever x) on their return from the grooming parlour – they thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon of pampering!

I would recommend everyone to consider adopting an older dog. They make wonderful companions and are a joy to have around. Bella and Poppy are going to have a lovely retirement together – adopting 2 older dogs is certainly one of the best things I ever did!

What a lovely letter. Kisses and cuddles to Bella and her new friend Poppy from all of us here at Oldies Club!