Brilliant Blue has found his place (Oldies Club)

Blue, a 10 year old Whippet X, came into Oldies Club care last year and was adopted by a wonderful new family. They have sent us some photos and a letter:

Blue came to live with us in late January. We felt a bit guilty taking him away from his nice foster carers, especially as we got to know Blue and realised what a sweet dog he is. He didn’t enjoy the 2 hour long car journey from his foster home despite our best efforts to keep him calm. Once we got him home he seemed to settle in very quickly and we now feel like we have known him for ages.

He is quite a peaceful dog most of the time. He gets quite excited when there is any food around and doesn’t understand the difference between doggy food and human food, but we are trying to discourage him from taking too much interest in our dinners.

He loves his walks and we find it very easy to lose track of the time, even if we only mean to go out for a short walk, we sometimes find we have been out for over an hour without realising. He is a real softie both in his outlook on life and also about the weather. He pretty much refuses to go out in the rain. If we make him go out in the rain, he will often get to the end of the street and turn back or just stop in his tracks. He has a nice coat to keep him dry but he just seems to dislike getting wet.

He likes to make sure we are tucked up safely in bed at night and often pops upstairs at bedtime just for a few minutes to check we haven’t gone out, and in the mornings he comes up to say hello and get some fuss while we have a cuppa.

He and Ian keep each other company all day. The lunchtime walk gives a much needed break from working at the computer (that’s Ian rather than Blue on the computer!).

We are really pleased to have him, he fits in really well. Thank you Oldies; Blue is a great addition to our family.

We are so pleased to hear that Blue has found such a nice new home! :-)