Endearing Elliott: A new lease of life! (Oldies Club)

Three years ago a little man called Elliott came into Oldies Club care, and he was loved by everyone. It wasn’t long until he found a wonderful new home, and it sounds like he has well and truly landed on his paws! Read here how he’s been getting on:

Dear Oldies Club,

It’s now three years since Elliott came to live with us in Devon, and he has seemed to get younger every year! He is in fact coming up to his 15th birthday this September!

When I first got Elliott from his kind foster lady in Newport, South Wales, he was completely blind in one eye and had partial vision in the other. Unfortunately, within 6 months he had lost pretty much all of his sight, which was affecting his personality when he met other dogs, as he could be a bit snappy/aggressive with young dogs who wanted to play, as he couldn’t see them. I was also concerned that he was going to have an accident due to his blindness. I therefore made the decision not to buy myself a new television, but instead to have Elliott’s cataracts removed!

I’m pleased to say it was the right decision, as it completely transformed Elliott’s life and instead of just sleeping and eating, he became a much more active dog, particularly when his new housemate Corky arrived:

All in all, Elliott I think is still very much enjoying his life in Devon, running through the fields, having a good sniff everywhere, and he even enjoys a paddle in the sea when it’s not too cold. Not bad for a 15-year-old dog, who is apparently 80 years old in human years!

Not bad indeed – and how wonderful that Elliott has regained some of his sight! What a super family he has found for himself!