Snowy Westie wishes you all a happy new year! (Oldies Club)

Snowy Westie is sending you all best wishes for the new year with this lovely letter from his new home:

Dear everyone at Oldies Club,

It’s been a while since I was adopted by my new family, so I thought I had better write to you and show you some pictures of what I’ve been up to! I was adopted in April and I have settled in really well. I’ve been to the beach, which I’m not that interested in – I like sniffing seaweed, but am not keen on getting wet!

I’ve got lots of new toys. I love tennis balls and teddies, as I like to chew them, but I also really like some good old fashioned cardboard – what dog doesn’t?!
Here’s me being cheeky! I am a cheeky dog!!

I’ve got two new beds as I like to go from one to other at night, and a new den where I keep all my toys, and for Christmas I got a brand new coat which keeps me warm, which is great, because as the moment it’s snowing here!!!

This is me in my bed when I first got it. It’s now in the bedroom upstairs next to the boiler cupboard, so it’s really warm! No wonder it’s my favourite!

Here you can see my new coat for Christmas which keeps me warm! Look how well I pose for photographs!

Okay, well, the fire has been put on now, so I need to take my permanent spot in front of it and keep warm and toasty! Happy new year everyone at Oldies!


We’re thrilled to hear from you, Snowy, and so glad you’ve found such a wonderful new home. Please write again soon!