Tango Twinkletoes on holidays in Spain (Oldies Club)

Gorgeous Tango Twinkletoes was adopted from Oldies Club a year ago. She is having a wonderful time and has even been to Spain, as you can read in this lovely letter from her new family:

I thought you might like an update on our dog Tango who we adopted a year ago, wow that has flown by, it feels like we have had her forever. We have just spent the last 2 months in Spain and Tango and our other dog Holly have had a great time. The weather was fantastic and just what the dogs needed, some sun to ease the old bones. They have really enjoyed pottering about in the sun and having a paddle in the sea.

Tango has had a few problems since she came to live with us, mainly her constant barking at every dog she sees, this is ongoing training. Her foster family have been there for us whenever we need any advice. Tango is such a loving dog and is my constant companion, and I would be lost without her, as would Holly! She loves a good walk in the fields, little and often is best for her, usually with a ball in her mouth!

We hope that we are lucky and can have many more times in Spain together. Here are a few photos of Tango and Holly enjoying the sun.

Spending some relaxing time in Spain sounds like the perfect retirement for this gentle girl. We hope you get to go back there soon, Tango!