A letter from Captain Sam (Oldies Club)

Sam the “canal boat skipper” came into Oldies Club care when his owner had to move to sheltered accommodation. He found a new home that is just perfect for him – his new family have a canal boat where he is now spending some of his time! We’ve received this happy letter from him:

Well it’s now more than a year since I took on the challenge of new owners – quite a job at my age (I’m 12 now) and they’re both retired – that saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” really does apply to them! Anyway they’re coming fairly well and since I found my bark they respond much quicker.

I was very sad and confused when my previous owner had to go away but eventually I came here to live in a house and I do quite like it, especially the sofa that I prefer to sleep on. I go occasionally into my basket just to keep the options open and because my new owners have a canal boat too, the old bed that I brought with me is on the boat ready for any trips.

My meals are OK and I put on my special appealing face when I want a treat and go to the cupboard where my food is kept – it always works!

I wander round the garden but really enjoy the walks best of all, mostly I can get them to take me at least twice a day and we live near the canal so we walk along the towpath quite a lot there are some fantastic smells down there. She’s quite good at letting me sniff as much as I want on our walks but he’s the one who does the ear scratching thing that I love. She calls us her boys and tells me I’m gorgeous but I’ve learned to put up with it because I can often get a biscuit out of it!

I’m so pleased that the Oldies Club were able to find me two suitable humans – it’s given them a new lease of life and we’re all really happy together. Thank you again.

With a big woof and waggy tail from Sam.

Hey Sam, we agree your humans are very lucky to have you :D Look after them well, and write again soon!