Bonnie and Suki – happy at home (Oldies Club)

We’ve received another update and pictures of the lovely Bonnie and “Pookie”:

Just thought I’d let you know that both Bonnie and Pookie are doing really well and we all had a lovely Christmas and New Year with our new addition – although not a true Oldies Club dog, we did see him on your site back in August: Joe, a 9-year-old
brindle greyhound boy.

They all get on so well, and Pookie is gradually getting herself closer and closer to him on the sofa and on our bed! Actually we brought the new sofa when we moved in, but hardly get to sit in it as you can see from the pictures!! …bless them!

We moved house in Summer and they are enjoying the garden and the new log burner this winter!! Both Bonnie and Pookie have been in very good health last year, although Pookie has just undergone a small op to remove a little wart from her eyelid. She got on well with the anesthetic and is making a really good recovery now.

I can’t believe Bonnie is 14 in a few days and Pookie 14 in May – they really don’t look it or act like it although every photo is them dozing!! I’m sure they both have a good few years in them yet!! Both dogs are a lovely weight at the moment and Pookie’s black coat also has a lovely sheen to it now. I have attached some recent pics for you to view.

The green one is not my garden but the lovely park just around the corner where they love to run! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year!

We hope Bonnie and Pookie have a fabulous 2012!

Update February 2011:

Bonnie and Suki, who were rehomed through Oldies Club in October 2008, are thoroughly enjoying life with their beautiful family. We received these lovely photos and letter:

Bonnie and Suki (now known as Pookie) still love the blanket that came with them, so they still have it in their beds. I brought it downstairs on this particularly cold morning and wrapped Bonnie in it on the chair and Pook couldn’t resist but to join her for her usual cuddles and licks!

Suki loves nothing better than her cuddles at the table in the morning.

Bonnie hates the cold and wet and gets clumps of snow between her pads, so a friend gave us a good tip of putting vaseline between her toes before her walks and this works really well! Here she is looking like Alexander the meercat!!

They are both 13 next month and in really good health. They are looking great and are such easy going dogs who fit in anywhere!

How wonderful to hear that this charming pair are doing so well. We hope you’ll have a fantastic 13th birthday party!