Brave little Tong – two years on (Oldies Club)

Prior to coming into Oldies Club care in July 2010, poor little Tong had had a lot of disruption and upset. She’s a lucky girl though – her foster family totally fell for her charms and decided they couldn’t part with her:

Tong had undergone a traumatic experience when her elderly owner died suddenly and she was placed in kennels. Very much a shock to the system for this little girl.

When I went to collect her from the kennels so that I could foster her, I had never seen such an unusual looking dog who just wouldn’t stop sneezing as she was so excited!

The first night with us was obviously traumatic for her. I think she had expected to be taken back to her old owner and just didn’t understand why she was with us. The support we received from Oldies Club staff was tremendous, however. Their great experience of dog behaviour was invaluable and after the first 24 hours, her obvious distress was eased and she stopped whining. Like magic, the second day was a dream and every day for the last two years has been. We decided to adopt her after about two weeks and she has brought so much pleasure every day.

We’re very glad to hear Tong has settled so well. She truly deserves to be happy!