Clever Jemma, still a gem! (Oldies Club)

Jemma the Gem is a real sweetheart who came into Oldies Club care last spring after her owner went into sheltered housing and could no longer care for her. She didn’t have to wait long for a new family to love her, and they’ve sent us this message with an update about her progress:

Jemma’s biggest change since we have had her is losing almost 8lbs in weight! The weight loss has really helped with more energy, including moving more quickly, and running when really excited, and longer walks (but she still loves to sniff!).

Jemma loves to play with her squeaky ball and cuddly toys. She has recently started to learn some obedience tricks, including sitting and waiting nicely for her food. And she is now going to dog training classes to practise walking to heel and recalls.

She still coughs, but it is under control, and we think it is slowly getting better. Jemma is a lovely, sweet dog who has nothing to give us but devoted love, which in turn is what we are giving to her.

It sounds like this little darling has found a new lease of life with you. What brilliant news that she’s attending dog training classes – never too old to learn! :-)