Cuddly Cassy – a happy Staffy story! (Oldies Club)

Staffy cross girl Cassy came into Oldies Club care in September 2009, and started waiting for a new home… and she waited… and waited… no interest from anyone :( But then, in May 2010, Oldies Club finally received a phone call that would change this adorable girl’s life forever! Her new owners have sent us this lovely letter:

Hi there

Thought I would drop you a line about my rehoming story for Cassy, our lovely staffi cross girl that we adopted in May 2010.

Cassy was in foster care in Lincolshire when we contacted Oldies Club looking for a family pet that would fit in with our family.

We had previously adopted a staffi cross from the Blue Cross, called Kiko, in March 2010, but sadly he suffered terrible separation anxiety and we could not keep him as I work part time, and the Blue Cross Behaviourist suggested that unless I gave up work or had someone to have him whilst I was at work (which I had no access to) then the problem was not resolvable.

We were devastated when we returned Kiko to the Blue Cross, and were desperate to ensure that we did not make another mistake.

We initially contacted the Oldies Club about another dog advertised on your website, but this dog had already been rehomed, so the very helpful lady suggested Cassy. I had seen Cassy’s details on the website, and she had been with her foster family for nine whole months without anyone showing any interest in her.

I had bypassed her on the website because she lived so far away from us at 126 miles away and over 3 hours travel time. But when I contacted her fosterer and re-read Cassy’s details, I felt that she was worth the trip.

We passed our home visit and then were told to arrange the visit to meet our Cassy. We drove up on a Friday night, met Cassy, and brought her home with us on the same night. We arrived home at gone midnight……….. but my goodness was she worth the effort.

Cassy settled in almost straight away, and has been the most wonderful addition to our family ever since.

When we met Cassy, we thought she was a lovely dog, and would suit us well, all very rational. But now we are totally smitten with her, and as someone who has never really been a “doggy” person I can’t believe how much we love her.

She is the only dog I have ever met who smiles. She gets on great with our rather grumpy cat, Wotsit, (Cassy clearly adores Wotsit but sadly Wotsit only tolerates Cassy), we have had her around 16 months now, and she is around 8 years old. She is a playful, gentle, funny, loving and has brought so much joy to both myself and my son.

The Oldies Club have been fantastic ever since. Poor Cassy has anxiety issues around other dogs, and sometimes walking her can be stressful for all concerned, especially when we moved in December to a new area which seemed to have far more dogs in the area, so we meet more dogs on our walks. But the Oldies Club have stayed in touch, and been so supportive through our troubles, even paying for Cassy to attend a series of training classes to overcome her issues, where we have learnt a number of coping mechanisms to help Cassy with her anxiety.

I am so sad for all the staffi and staffi cross dogs that do not find their forever home – and would always recommend that if someone was looking for a dog they contact the Oldies Club, and also consider the overlooked dogs on the site.

Many thanks for all you do.

And we thank you for giving Cassy the home she has longed for all her life! :)