Handsome Seamus Cocker (Oldies Club)

This handsome chap is Seamus Cocker. He was rehomed via Oldies Club last year in July. He’s found a fantastic new home, and is very happy as you can read in this letter from his new owner:

I have had Seamus since 13th July 2011 and he has settled really well. It feels as though I have never been without him. He is such a good dog, he loves people and is friendly toward other dogs. We enjoy a walk at least twice a day, not always long walks because Seamus soon lets me know when he wants to go back home. He isn’t at all keen to walk in the rain.

Seamus has two special friends, Murphy who is a Cocker Spaniel as well and Pip who is a Jack Russell cross and very small. Seamus has sleep overs with Murphy if I go away and it all works out very well.

I cant believe how lucky I am to have been chosen to be Seamus’s new family, he is such a joy and such wonderful company!

Aww Seamus…. we’re so pleased you have found yourself such a wonderful new home! :-)