Little Clive, safe and warm at home! (Oldies Club)

Before he came into Oldies Club care, poor Clive did not have a good life: he had to live outside, and at 14 years of age his owner left him at the pound. But he was lucky and found a fantastic new home! This is what his new owner tells us:

Clive has settled down well. He was nervous of other dogs if they were big or overfriendly. But now he is fine with them as we get surrounded whenever I go on the park with him as the dogs know I always have biscuits in my pockets! I think his previous owner must have either taken him to the pub, or perhaps liked a drink, because whenever we pass the local pub he always wants to go in!

I have taken him to the vet three times to sort out his scratchy skin, and he seems a lot better now although he still scratches occasionally.

We go for three walks each day, and have a choice of two parks within 200 yards and also fields to walk around. His main walk is generally for an hour, and he keeps up with me fine. He is off the lead when away from the road and follows me very closely, he is very deaf – but always knows when I walk into the hall, even if he is asleep!

Everybody thinks he is lovely and make a fuss of him when they hear his story. He is happy to go in the car and has been fine with anyone stroking him, including children. But doesn’t like anyone putting their face up to his, and growls! So I have done this continuously and then fussed him and given him a treat and he now doesn’t bother at all.

I feel he is totally confident and happy in his new home and he has given me a lot of pleasure. Let’s hope we both have a good few years left in us!!!

What a happy ending for this sweet little fellow! :-)