Mabel’s story (Oldies Club)

Mabel is an 8 year old Border Collie who came into Oldies Club care via the pound, after she had been left tied to a lamppost. What a sad story! Well, she has now left her former life behind, and found herself a super new home with Allison, Adrian and Daniel.

Allison, Adrian and Daniel tell us they were devastated when they lost their bearded collie cross, Gracie, to an aggressive lymphatic cancer. Gracie was an older rescue dog and they had almost 7 very happy years together. They wanted to adopt another rescue dog as giving an older dog a second chance had given them great joy with Gracie, and they wanted to be able to do this again with another dog, feeling passionately older dogs need all the lucky breaks they can get. 

Adrian discovered Mabel through the Oldies Club website.  Mabel’s description ticked all the right boxes as Allison, Adrian and Daniel wanted an older female dog with a good temperament and were very fond of collies.  They couldn’t believe their luck when they saw and then met Mabel, and adore the way Mabel nuzzles up for cuddles and prances like an overgrown puppy when she sees her lead and realizes she’s about to go for walkies! 

Since adopting Mabel, the family have been on holiday in Scotland.  Mabel had the time of her life, loving the sandy beaches, where dogs are made welcome (such a nice change from the South of England!), and then there were the forest walks too. 

On coming home, Mabel has happily resumed her twice daily outings to the park where she is getting to know the local dogs. There’s nothing she likes better than playing ball and she’s very good at catching too! 

Way to go, Mabel! By the way, we’re all admiring your healthy slim shape. What a pretty girl you are!