Miss Mini-Penny (Oldies Club)

Miss Mini-Penny is a beautiful little Dachshund lady who was adopted via Oldies Club last summer. She has found herself a wonderful new home, and it is obvious that she is very much loved by her new mum:

I am so, so lucky to have been chosen as the loveliest, sweetest little girl’s adopted Mum. Penny is such a sweet heart, she means the world to me and has made such a big difference to my life.

Penny has a brother and sister, they run together in the back garden, follow each other around and go out walking together twice a day, weather permitting.

Our routine is getting up, going for a walk, having breakfast and then Penny and I have a love in on my bed for around half an hour and then my day begins. Late afternoon they go for a walk and then have their tea and then they relax. Penny loves fish so that is her main diet with small bite mixer biscuits.

She is always wagging her tail and smiling, such a joy to be with. When out walking she loves to meet people and everyone she meets loves her and makes a fuss of her.

I couldn’t bear to think of being without her, every day is such a joy, I am smiling all the time.

Thank you very much for allowing me to have her.

Penny’s one very lucky girl, don’t you think? :-)