News from Dillon and his new friend Fidge! (both Oldies Club)

Fidge is a beautiful Pointer girl who came into Oldies Club care earlier this year. Fidge is full of character and made her foster carers laugh with her quirky eating habits: she adores food, and if she couldn’t eat her meal all at once, she tried to cover her bowl with anything she could find, so that no one else would get to it!

A few months ago Fidge joined Dillon, who was adopted from Oldies Club back in April 2010, in his forever home. It sounds like they’re a perfect match, and Fidge doesn’t even have to worry that Dillon might steal her food! Read here what their lovely owners have told us:

Fidge and Dillon are getting on fine and are currently in each other’s baskets, Dillon is impressed with her approach to bones and has even taken an interest in a few pigskin bones himself! We’ve moved her onto the same food that Dillon is on which is Warfacol salmon and potato (which is for older dogs) and both of them seem to be very flexible on it with no stiffness. She is a bit stiff in the legs after a longer journey (aren’t we all) and we lift her into the back of the car as I think it is a bit too high for her, but she is quite light so it’s fairly easy.

She can be a bit persistent around food, so we keep her out of the way when we’re eating or preparing food, or tell her to ‘go away’, which she understands, but I wouldn’t say she’s a food pest, just hopeful! She’s only done the ‘food covering’ thing once, but her bowl is on a step which is higher than Dillon’s bowl, so maybe she doesn’t feel that she needs to! Also, Dillon is not a real foodie, so she probably realises that she doesn’t need to ‘protect’ her food from him.

Her recall out on walks isn’t too bad, she does know and responds very well to ‘heel’ off the lead, but she can be a bit hit and miss on ‘wait’ and ‘come’, which could be deafness but sometimes she’s quite nearby. We have been doing some treat training on recall and will keep going on this. I might also get a silent dog whistle and see whether I can train her around that. I would like her to be clear on ‘wait’ and ‘come’ as she can be in bit of a world of her own sometimes and wanders off ahead.

Last night Fidge was having a mad half hour in the garden, which was funny and we just laugh to see her galloping up the garden. We have some steps at the end and we always slightly hold our breath when she gallops towards them, worried that she’ll judge it wrong and fall over but she hasn’t yet! She gets a lot of admiring comments when we’re out, particularly the way she daintily picks up her feet.

So it’s all going very well really, we’ve left them for a maximum of 2.5 hours which is about the most we would leave them for, and always after a walk so that they are ready to sleep for a bit. They have been fine with this and have both been relaxed and happy when we got back.

Fidge really is a sweet and lovely dog and we are so happy that she’s fitted in so well and been amazingly adaptable at her age!

What a happy family! Thank you very much for sending us this lovely update on Dillon and Fidge :-)