Sir Chester lucky boy! (Oldies Club)

Sir Chester Goodboy came into Oldies Club care at the end of last year because his owners were emigrating and sadly couldn’t take him with them. At first they had planned to take him to the vets to be put-to-sleep, but thankfully someone suggested trying to find a rescue space for him.

Poor Chester’s left eye was badly infected and had progressed to the stage where our vets had no option but to remove it. He is still a handsome boy – and it didn’t take long until he was adopted by a wonderful new family who love him to bits! We have received a letter and pictures showing a very happy and relaxed Sir Chester in his new home:

I thought you might like an update on Chester. I am sure you will be pleased to know that he settled really quickly, he has been with us only a short while and is already well and truly part of the family, in fact we can’t imagine life without him now. Chester loves his cuddles and being groomed – even having his ears cleaned, he ‘talks’ to let us know he is enjoying it.

He loves his walks – we are all getting plenty of exercise and Chester has shed some of his excess weight – in the photo of him in the lane he is looking very slim but that is just the way the light has caught him but I am sure you will agree he is looking every inch the handsome country gent!

Our cats have made friends with him and sometimes sleep with him.

Chester loves his teddies and always greets people with one.

He loves nothing better than to find a stick on our walks and play ‘find it’, sometimes needing a little help! We have quite a selection of sticks by the back door now. It is so lovely to see him running in the fields, you really wouldn’t believe he is blind.

We have to remind ourselves sometimes that he really can’t see as when there is food around he ‘looks’ at you so longingly. He is a typical Lab and loves his food. He is such an easy dog, a really good boy and his disability causes no problems for him or us, we just need to be a little more vigilant than with a sighted dog but we soon got used to that. I would urge people looking for a new friend not to dismiss a blind dog. Chester has brought so much into our lives, we feel so lucky to have him and hope he feels the same, he certainly seems relaxed, happy and settled.

We can’t thank you enough for our dear ‘oldie’.