Tiny Tyson, Big Happiness! (Oldies Club)

When tiny Tyson lost his home and came into Oldies Club care last autumn aged 15, he didn’t know that he would soon meet his dream family. We’ve received a lovely letter from them, and it is obvious that Tyson couldn’t have found a better forever home!


The very first time I saw Tyson advertised on the Oldies Club website, I felt a connection and immediately applied to adopt him. Unfortunately for me, I was told that he was reserved.

About a week later, completely out of the blue, I received a call to say that his adoption had fallen through and that if I still wanted him, I could have him. (I had had a home check previously for another dog that regrettably became too ill to adopt out.) I will never forget the joy I felt; of course I still wanted him, and so I travelled to Hampshire to collect him.

I fell in love with him the moment I saw him, and the connection I had felt when I first saw his photo became real. It was wonderful. He also bonded quickly with me and my four other dogs and by the time we had all arrived home, we were a unit of 6! It truly is as though he has been a part of our family all his life.

Tyson was 15 yrs 1 month young. His eyesight and hearing poor, and because he was completely toothless, his tongue hung out the corner of his mouth. One might wonder therefore how he can outrun two of my 7 yr old dogs: not hear his name from across the other side of the room unless called in a raised voice, but can hear the wrapping being torn off a packet of roast chicken from the next room! He has cataracts in both eyes yet he plays ball like a youngster, providing it is in close proximity. And as for being toothless, I’ve yet to buy my other dogs a bone, pig’s ear, chew or any other kind of dog treat that he doesn’t derive as much pleasure from as the others. His philosophy being ‘why waste energy chewing, when sucking brings out the true flavour!’

His heart murmur is still only grade 2 and doesn’t stop him from doing anything he wants. A few months ago, during a routine blood test, it was discovered that his liver is beginning to fail, but the vet said it was normal for old dogs and has since been on destolit and zentonil, which, to date, has kept it in check. Other than that he is in excellent health for his age and every day belies his age with his antics.

During our twice daily runs of between 45 – 75 minutes each, for the first 20 minutes, he’s running here, there and everywhere, thoroughly enjoying himself. After which time, he begins jumping up, demanding to be picked up. This, I used to do wrapping him in a blanket during the cold weather. However, during our warm spring, I tried him in the dog buggy both alone and with one or two of my other dogs, but he would never settle and kept wanting to get out. It was then that I bought an Outward Hound front dog carrier for him and he absolutely loves it. Sitting in it, he is interested in everything and of course loves all the attention that friends and strangers give him.

I have always loved old dogs; they have so much character and Tyson is no exception. Thank you so much to everyone at the Oldies Club for your commitment to such a worthy cause. You truly bring so much love and happiness to both dogs and humans alike.

Oh Tyson, you’ve really landed on your paws there. It must be fate you found each other!