An update from a very happy Elsa (Oldies Club)

Pretty Elsa CollieCross has quite a story to tell: she came into Oldies Club care with her lifelong companion Zelda last autumn after her owner could no longer cope with caring for them, and took them to the vet to be put to sleep. Luckily, the vet refused and contacted Oldies Club, who promptly organised a foster home for these two brave girls. Sadly, it turned out that poor Zelda was very ill, and she went to the bridge about a week after arriving in the foster home.

This left Elsa waiting for a new forever home on her own. She found some consolation in the company of her foster carer’s dog – and sure enough, it wasn’t long until she got an offer for a perfect new home!

We’ve had a letter from her wonderful new owner, along with some photos showing a very happy Elsa:

It’s amazing how quickly Elsa has settled in. She gets on very well with my two dogs and also with my “work dogs” (I am a dog walker). She has been feeding well, and is a dream to walk: she has been walked off lead with no problems. It quickly felt like she had always been a part of my family!

She must be feeling very at home, as we now get the odd little moment of stubbornness every now and again. In her defence I don’t think she hears that well, as she seems to have problems when it is very windy, or if there is a lot of background traffic noise, but she is a lovely girl and I am so glad I adopted her!

She hates water, and can not understand Ben and Merlin’s fascination with it, but stands and waits very patiently for them to finish their swim and paddling. She is not that fond of car travel either, but is clever enough to have learnt that if you get in first, you get to take up most of the space and the dogs that get in second have to fit around you, so although the boys are larger than her, they are squashed into the tiniest of spaces!

Because of her sight/hearing issues, I have bought her a purple bandana with her name on it, and taught Ben, my collie, to find the bandana. If she strays too far, or out of hearing, he runs over to her and touches her bandana, and then comes back to me… It would work if only he could slow it down a bit, the move is executed in double quick collie fashion, and Elsa stands with a dazed look on her face, thinking “what the hell was that”.

Elsa walks at least three times a day with various dog walking chums, and gets so excited when her lead comes out, I have yet to meet a dog or person she doesn’t like.

Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to adopt her. I would like to thank all the staff at Oldies Club, and Elsa’s fosterers for their help to me, and their care of Elsa. You all do a great job.

We’re thrilled to see Elsa so happy! Thank you for taking such good care of her :-)