Amber’s Amputation & Poppy’s Eye Op – can you help?

Oldies Club sets up various appeal pages via Just Giving, to help raise funds to help the oldies in our care. We are a volunteer-run charity and money raised is predominantly spent on vet bills. We are very grateful for every donation received. Below you can find details of various appeals, some for specific dogs requiring veterinary treatment; others may be a more general appeal. Thank you for your support.

Amber’s Amputation

Beautiful Amber arrived in Oldies Club care with a huge lump on one leg. After a vet consultation, it was deemed in her best interest to amputate the leg. If you would like to make a donation towards these costs, Amber has a fundraising page here, with more photos/info.


Poppy’s Poorly Eye

Pretty Poppy has a rather poorly right eye and the vet advised that she either has glaucoma or a major infection. Unfortunately this means that she needs to have her eye removed. The operation will take place soon. If you would like to make a donation towards these costs, please click here.


14 Feb 2013: Today while people give cards and presents, we have decided to celebrate Love An Oldie Day again, following its success last year :-)

If you can spare a donation towards the care of our dogs, please click on the above link – we would be very grateful. When you donate, you can choose to add a message, which will appear on the Just Giving page, with the details of your donation, if you wish. Perhaps you would like to dedicate the donation to a beloved dog, past or present? :-)

Thank you for your support :)

Please note that where there is an appeal page for a particular dog, should Oldies Club supporters be generous enough to donate more than is needed for that dog’s vet bill, any excess money will be directed to the charity‚Äôs general fund and used to help other older dogs in our care.