News from Lucky Freda (Oldies Club)

We’ve had a new update from Freda, who found her forever home via Oldies Club back in February 2009. We last posted an update almost two years ago (see below), in January 2011 – time flies!! Her family tell us that she’s still a very happy girl who thoroughly enjoys life:

Freda is doing very well in her ripe old age :-)

I have attached some photos of her enjoying herself as usual. She has a new man in her life, his name is Paddy and she likes spending lots of time with him as you can see!

She is still in great health for her age, her sight and hearing isn’t too good now, but that doesn’t stop her enjoying life to the full!

I still take her to work with me every day, which she loves – in fact, if I don’t take her she sits by the door all day, not impressed at all!

So, all in all Freda is still enjoying life hugely!

That’s wonderful to hear, way to go Freda!!

Update January 2011:

Fun-loving Freda has been with her new owners for nearly two years now, and we’re very pleased to hear she is still very happy in her forever home and enjoying lots of love and cuddles.

Her family say that she is a happy and content dog and a joy to have around. She had a lovely Christmas as you can see in this photo, where she is enjoying the treats from her stocking:

However, not all of 2010 was good for this sweet girl:

We have had a not so good year in some respects though as Freda was hit by a car a few months back. She managed to get out of the gates at my work and was hit. We took her straight to the vets, and miraculously she didn’t break anything, and is now fully recovered. She has partial ligament damage to one back leg, but has just come off of her pain killers and is still bouncing around playing with her toys so that’s great!

She had regular visits to the vets (much to her disgust!), and as long as she stays sound she has the all clear, which we are very grateful for!

We are very relieved to hear that Freda has had a lucky escape, and wish her and her family all the best for 2011 – we hope it will turn out to be an excellent year for this beautiful girl!!