Pretty Judy – no longer lonesome! (Oldies Club)

Before coming into Oldies Club care, Judy had spent a lonesome time living alone in a small bungalow for over a year, with someone coming by only twice a day to feed her and let her out in the garden. We’re very happy to report that this pretty girl has left her sad old life behind her and is enjoying family life in her new home. Here is what her new owners have told us:

Judy is settling in well. She has two new beds now, one is in the living room and the other in my bedroom. She also has another by the bed, and of course the bed itself: I woke up on the first night with her laying right across me!

We have met a few dogs on our travels and she hasn’t been at all aggressive towards them even though on a lead. Cats are another matter! The local ginger one (next door but one) was actually in the living room eating Judy’s dinner! The cheek of it. Then another one, a white adolescent, was in the kitchen. It jumped onto the fridge/freezer before escaping over the wall! On Tuesday, we were just going out, opened the front door, and there was the ginger one sitting on the doorstep – then it promptly ran off – well what a noise! Sounded like we were beating her (Judy) to death – people looking round at us and her making that awful noise just like screaming in pain. What a lot of palaver! She wasn’t even pulling on the lead a lot so she didn’t really want to get near it! Hopefully these cats won’t come near again.

She doesn’t like big waves in the sea, but today we took her to the beach and were able to let her off lead for a while. She actually had a little paddle there. She really does live for her walks and freedom – when she is running free she has a collie grin on her face!

Thank you for giving us Judy. She’s a really loveable character and means the world to us!

It’s fantastic to see Judy smiling again. Thank you for giving her the happy life she deserves!