Sweet Sky – first Christmas in her new home! (Oldies Club)

Sweet Sky was adopted from Oldies Club in September 2012, and has just spent her first Christmas in her lovely new home. She had a great time and thoroughly enjoys her new life! Her happy new owner has sent us this update:

Although it may be a cliche, Sky has settled in really well and it feels as if she has been a member of the family for some time. She eats well (trying to lose a few pounds), sleeps well and walks and plays well. In fact, it is really endearing to see an 11-year-old dog playing like a pup.

She and Jeremy (the resident lonely beagle before Sky came along) are already good friends. You will see from the photos that they like to sniff the same blades of grass bump bodies continuously when they are running – and yes, she really runs! I was expecting a much slower dog, but on one of her first walks a few yards in front of me she disappeared into the local river for a dip!! She is also loving the beach, chasing seagulls and going into the deep bit of water at the end of each breakwater. She is helping Jerry to go in water more. I guess that’s labs for you!

She is proving to be such an asset to the family. She walks very well on and off the lead, comes when called… What more could we ask. She is a lovely, lovely dog and we are very pleased she has come to join us!

And we’re pleased to hear Sky has settled in so well. Happy 2013 from all of us at Oldies Club!