Coco the Belle, choccy heaven (Oldies Club)

Coco the Belle came into Oldies Club care when her previous owner could no longer keep her . She went to her wonderful new home in April this year and we have recently received the most lovely update from her new family:

“It’s now six months since the adorable Belle (previously Coco the Belle) came into my life. What a character, so laid back and amiable – she just loves everybody.

When she came to me she was overweight and unfit, and had to use a ramp to get into the car. Now, on a special diet and three walks a day – she is gradually shedding the pounds, and happily jumps in the car for our daily off lead walks in the nearby Forest Park.

Of course, as well as loving everyone she meets, everyone loves her . Little children point to her and squeal “it’s a cuddly bear”, teenage girls say “awww”, and recently when Belle and I were waiting at the kerb for a van to drive past- the man popped his head out of the window, and waving us across shouted “it’s not often I have to stop for bears crossing”

Well, we’ve had a lovely Spring and Summer, and Belle has enjoyed days basking in the sunshine, barbecues with the family and games with my twin grandchildren (supervised of course).

In July, my partner Michael and I, along with my son and his fiancĂ©e, took Belle on holiday to a dog friendly farm in the Yorkshire Wolds. She was fascinated with the animals -(all rescue), especially the horses and donkeys – I think she thought they were very big dogs, and she would wag her tail wildly-expecting them to play. We stayed in a log cabin, and she soon made herself at home, curling up cosily near the log fire.

Re homing an older dog is an exciting journey of discovery, as you continue to learn about them, and wonder about their history. Belle had obviously been well trained, and, I think- much loved. She already has a repertoire of words she recognises – paw (holds out paw); wait; come; in your bed and others that I’m finding out as we go along.

She has her quirks, for instance, will expect her human pack to always go ahead of her. This makes locking doors and shutting gates awkward as she won’t budge to let you get to them. If Belle sees Michael and I together, she expects us both to take her out, so if only one of us is going, the other has to hide. Far from a frustration though, this only makes us laugh as we realise how much humour she has added to our lives.

At weekends I take Belle to stay at my elderly mother’s. They have become good friends, and she curls up at mums feet. Mum loves her, and says that stroking her makes her feel better. At night Belle sleeps in mum’s bedroom in the lap of luxury.

Now November is here, we walk through the Autumn leaves of golds and browns. Belle loves snuffling through them, tail wagging -and the sun shining on her glossy fur. She looks beautiful. Again I wonder what her story was. I’ll never know what happened in her past -but I do know that she will have the best future ever.”

We are so grateful to Belle’s new family for giving her the chance of happiness in her later years. What a lucky girl she is!