Gorgeous Gentleman George….Lord of the Manor! (Oldies Club)

George with his new “brother” Chunky.

Gorgeous Gentleman George was re-homed in October  last year and his new owners have sent us some wonderful photos and a few words about how George has settled in:

“We have had Gorgeous Gentleman George in our lives for about 7 months now. After looking on the Oldies Club site and seeing him I thought what a lovely chap, I must meet him! On our first meeting we knew he was perfect, he just slipped into our lives as if he had always been there. He has this amazingly loveable character which makes everyone smile! The day we got him home he was settled, he made himself comfy on one of our old leather chairs(which we adapted so he could get on and off easily). Our first few walks we kept him on the lead, when we did let him off he storms off ahead in a rather majestic walk then stops just to check we are still there, when he is ready to go back on the lead he will stand by my side, even though he is old he still manages to break into a run occasionally! George loves everything, particularly sleeping, eating, walking, getting tummy rubs, snacks… which he has always had after a walk, if I leave it too long after a walk I get the waving leg, the stare, the bark or the refusal to move, sometimes all of them!!! Everyone that has met him has fallen for him. He has mastered the art of being a puppy (the excitement over everything), the teenager (refusing to move, pretending to be deaf) and an old gentleman all rolled into one. George has been blessed with a wonderful life and as a family we feel honoured to be a part of it”

George walking around “his estate”.

Gentleman George is indeed a lucky chap and we hope he has many happy years to come. A big thank you to the wonderful family who adopted him.