Please help Oldies Club win £5,000!

Hello to all our lovely supporters. We have been given an amazing chance to win £5,000 to help the older dogs in our care, by the very kind people at Animal Friends Insurance. This amount of money will make a tremendous difference, but we can only achieve this with your help! :-)

If you are a facebook user, we would be very grateful if you could spare a minute of your time to vote for us by CLICKING HERE. That link will take you to a facebook page where you will see two projects to vote for (both are for Oldies Club). You can click on the ‘more info’ option on that page or read below to find out a little more about each project.

The first project is our Healthy, Happy Oldies project. Many of the older dogs coming into our care require veterinary treatment, before they can be put up for adoption. Any money received from the votes for this project will be used for this purpose.

The second project is for our Sponsor Dogs – sometimes, often for health reasons, an older dog in our care is placed in our sponsor dog scheme. This means the dog remains as a permanent foster dog, with Oldies Club covering the cost of vet bills for the rest of the dog’s life. Any money received from votes for this project, will be used towards the care of our sponsor dogs.

At the time of posting this, we still need LOTS more votes in order to receive the £5,000 so please take a minute to vote for us and feel free to share the link and invite your family, friends etc. to, too. If we receive enough votes, we will receive the total £5,000, to be split between the two projects as determined by the number of votes for each.

With many, many thanks to Animal Friends insurance for the opportunity to win this amazing amount of money, from Suki, her Teddy & everyone at Oldies Club.

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