Sammy Doodle – Busy surveying Surrey! (Oldies Club)

Supernoodle Sammy Doodle, a gorgeous Labradoodle boy, came into Oldies Club care because of his owner’s poor health. Sammy quickly found a new home in Surrey and his lovely new family contacted us recently to let us know that he is settling well and is already very much loved:

Sammy has settled well and seems such a happy dog. He enjoys his walks (now mostly off the lead) and although it is very wet and mucky here, that doesn’t seem to bother him. Bucket of water and towels at a ready! He is very popular with everyone he meets and making lots of friends. Sammy has really bonded with all of us now. Our daughter lets him out in the garden in the morning and gives him his breakfast. She absolutely adores Sammy.

We bought him a lovely fluffly bed which he loves, although his favourite place to lie is doorways and top of stairs!

Wherever you are working you turn round and Sammy is just lying right behind you. Scared I am going to trip over him one of these days. It always amazes us that he can be fast asleep one minute but if you rustle your coat he can be awake in a second and barking for his walk.

We have done some lovely walks in our local Surrey Hills which he has enjoyed. He loves to sit on the hillside and look at the view while we take a breather on a bench.

He also likes to lay on our decking in the sunshine when he can. We still feel so lucky to have him.

Sammy sends his hugs and licks to you all

Thank you so much for the lovely update on Sammy – we are delighted to know that this special boy has found such a devoted new family. :)