Sooty (Oldies Club)

Beautiful Sooty came into Oldies Club care when her previous owner could no longer care for her. She was very lucky to find her perfect new owners fairly quickly and we have just received the most wonderful photos of Sooty from them.  Here is what they have to say about the new addition to the household:

We weren’t looking to take on a second dog, however we are lucky enough to live near to one of the foster carers for Oldies, and regularly meet her out on walks with foster dogs. We already have a golden Labrador, so Sooty and he had met out on walks and knew one another. Once she came up for rehoming we applied as we thought we could give her a good home, she’s a lively dog who likes walks and swimming so fitted in well with our existing dog. She settled in really quickly and the support from Oldies was great. We’ve had our existing dog since a puppy so it was lovely to be able to rehome a second dog in need of another chance. The great advantage of an older dog is that she was well trained, well matched to us, and us with her, so getting her settled into a new home was easier than we thought it might be. She’s a great addition for us, and for our existing dog.

Here are some photos of Sooty on her holiday:

I hope you know what a lucky girl you are, Sooty, having such wonderful new owners!