Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay (Oldies Club)

Gorgeous Tara came into Oldies Club care after her previous owner found they could no longer care for her.  Sadly,Tara hadn’t been walked for 5 years. It isn’t always easy rehoming a Staffie, even a pretty girl like this, but luckily for Tara, her wonderful new owners were waiting in the wings and she went off to her new home in July 2013.

We have heard from them recently and it seems Tara has really landed on her four paws:

“We have now had Tara in our family for nine months. We thought you would like to know that she is a very happy dog; she has lots of love, a comfy bed and plenty of walks.  Despite her age, she has plenty of energy, every walk is greeted with great enthusiasm. A country walk of five miles presents no problem for her.

Here are some photos, we hope you enjoy looking at them.

Tara looking lovingly at her new people

After a hard day at the office! 

What a wonderful life Tara has now and what a lovely story! A big thank you to her new owners.