Big Break voting has closed

1/6/14 Big Break voting has closed. Thank you to everyone that voted for Oldies Club. :)


Hello :-)

Oldies Club is taking part in Direct Debit Big Break and we need LOTS of votes. Please take a minute to vote for us before the end of May!

Make your vote count today, vote Oldies Club! You can vote online from anywhere in the world.

The good cause with the most votes each month will receive £2,000, then £1,000 for second place and the remaining £2,000 will be divided equally amongst the agreed number of runners up for that month. We are currently in third place and need thousands more people to vote for us to have a chance of catching up. If you have already voted, thank you :-) Please ask your dog loving family, friends, colleagues etc. to vote too.

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You can vote online by clicking HERE.

or via text message (if you’re in the UK) – please text BIG BREAK 0616 to 78866. (Big Break advises that texts will be charged at your standard message rate.)

or via post – please send a postcard including your name, address and ‘Oldies Club’ to:

The Big Break, PO 7804, London W1A 5HZ. Postal votes must be received five working days prior to the end of May to count.

We are a volunteer-run charity and funds raised will be used to help beautiful old dogs, like these, who are currently in our care.

Thank you :-)

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