Oldies Club supporters doing energetic things to raise £!

A number of Oldies Club adopters/supporters are taking part in rather energetic events to raise much-needed funds to help us continue our work rescuing and rehoming older dogs. Please support them. All donations are very much appreciated :-)


Toni, who adopted the scrumptious Simba from us, is running the Bristol to Bath Marathon on Sunday 25 October, to raise much needed funds for Oldies Club. Please support Toni HERE.

Simba and Toni web

Toni, seen her with Simba, says: ‘Ed and I adopted Simba, a 10 year old Staffie, from Oldies Club and he’s a very sweet old chap. Hard to believe someone abandoned him in his golden years. Luckily Oldies Club was there to take him in and look after him until a new home could be found.’

We’re a small, volunteer-run charity and we have to pay out thousands and thousands of pounds in vet bills each and every month, so we really do need your support to continue helping these beautiful sugar-frosted dogs.

We’re very grateful to our athletic adopters for thinking of us and to everyone who makes a donation to help them raise as much money as possible :-)


Graeme is completing the Rough Runner on 24 October. It’s a 10km event over obstacles – just in case running itself wasn’t enough, right?! Please make a donation HERE to show your support for Graeme and to help our oldies!

Nicola and Honey web

Nicola and Graeme adopted the beautiful Honey from us (seen here with Nicola) after their first foster dog, Cookie, very sadly passed away.

‘The charity have been amazing. They helped me so much when we lost Cookie and this is our way of giving back to them.’

We have to pay thousands and thousands of pounds in vet bills every month and every donation really does make a difference. Thank you :-)


Hello! We are Paddington, Dawn, Purdy and Jade, the Corgis (Jade was wearing her invisibility cloak in this photo). On 27 September 2015, we set off to take long-time Oldies Club supporter, Ray, on a 200 mile walk, coast-to-coast, from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast. We finished the walk on 15 October! Please click HERE to support us and help us raise as much as possible for the dogs in Oldies Club care. Please scroll down to read the diary updates from our walk. We will add photos once they’ve been developed :-) Thank you to everyone who has very kindly supported us so far.

Ray is 68 years old (he said it’s okay for us to tell you!) and this is likely to be the last big walk he does, so we want to make it really special for him and help raise as much money for Oldies Club as we possibly can. Please make a donation to support Oldies Club’s wonderful work in rescuing and rehoming older dogs in the UK.

We will all be very grateful for any donation you can spare – and do see if your dog-loving friends, family, colleagues etc. will help too. You can use our handy ‘share’ buttons to the right of this post. We’d love to raise a huge amount for Oldies Club, which does such fantastic work to help older dogs. It constantly faces enormous vet bills and really does depend on your support to continue its wonderful work.

Thank you, Paddington, Dawn, Purdy, Jade and Ray xRay, Corgis, sponsored walk, Oldies Club, rescue dogs, coast to coast


Day 17 (13 Oct). We’ve been walking to Glaisdale and are hoping to finish the 200-mile walk tomorrow. Our little legs have worked hard! Please make a donation to support us and Oldies Club. Every £ counts :-) The pub chef gave us (Corgis) a big bowl of scraps last night! Yummy.

Day 15 (11 Oct). We’ve walked 170 miles! This is likely to be Ray’s last long-distance walk for Oldies Club. Please donate to help raise lots of £ for the OC dogs. We’re walking the old ironstone tramway to Blakey today & hope to finish the 200 miles in 3 days. Love, the Corgis.

Day 13 (9 Oct). We’ve walked 132 miles! Dennis is now clean! Today we walked between the Yorkshire Dales & North York Moors. We’re all having a well earned rest tonight. Weather forecast is good for the next few days. Thanks so much for all your donations, the Corgis (& humans) x

Day 11 (7 Oct). We’ve walked 106 miles so far! Tonight, we are meeting some of Ray’s friends for a well deserved drink. Tomorrow, we are taking poor Dennis to a launderette! Thank you for your donations. The more £ raised, the more it helps Oldies Club. Love, the walking Corgis.

Day 10 (6 Oct). Not our finest day. We encountered 4 miles of thick mud/bogs at the top of None Standards Rigg. Dennis came to meet us, tried to jump a bog & ended up flat on his face. Oops! We had a good swim in a stream to clean up. Dennis refused to join us! Love, the Corgis.

Day 9 (5 Oct). We had to stay put today for safety reasons (heavy rain & gale force winds). We can’t risk the next stage, 5 miles of thick mud & bogs, low cloud over the mountains & no paths! Hope to continue tomorrow, ending up in Swaledale to meet up with some of Ray’s friends.

Day 6 (2 Oct) We’re doing really well on our sponsored walk. We left the Lake District today, for the Yorkshire Dales. The weather has been very good so far and Ray has kept up with us & is feeding us well! Please make a donation to help the older dogs! Love, the walking corgis x

We set off on 27 September. On Day 3, we took Ray on a walk over the mountains to Grasmere. Ray says the weather is great and that we are being really good. We’re loving it! The Corgis.