Ben, squirrel hunter extraordinaire! (Oldies Club)

Gorgeous  Ben came into Oldies Club care when his previous owners had to move into new accommodation and could not take this lovely boy with them. He proved to be a very smart dog in his foster home and it wasn’t too long before his perfect new owners came along.

This is what they have to say about their new member of the family:

“When we adopted Ben 4 months ago, it was a new experience for us.  Though we had adopted rescue dogs in the past, they had been young dogs at the time of their adoption and we wondered what it would be like to adopt an older dog.  I’m pleased to say that from day one we have had not a single moments regret.  Ben settled into our home straight away and has brought a great deal of fun and happiness into our lives.

Though he is 11 years old, Ben enjoys a good walk twice a day.  He is so easy to walk both on and off lead that our walks together are very relaxing.  The local woods are Ben’s favourite place as he loves watching the squirrels.  Initially he was cautious when meeting other dogs but has now made friends with all the local dogs and dog walkers.  When he first catches sight of his pals, he runs towards them, wagging from his nose to the tip of his tail and doing a little dance of excitement.  Amongst the other dog walkers, Ben has earned to nicknames of `Ben the squirrel hunter’ and `The smiler’.  Everyone loves him and we are so proud to have such a beautiful dog.  Our determination is to make the most of every day we are lucky enough to share with him.’

You can tell from the wonderful smile on Ben’s face just how happy he is in his new home. A big thank you to his fabulous new owners for keeping us updated with news on this smasher/squirrel hunter!